Rules of Ark Community Cluster Arkkovia

The rules are always to be interpreted in such a way that the community has fun and not just the individual!

§1 General rules
  1. The rules of Wildcard apply. Bug-usage and exploits as well as multi-accounting is forbidden. The instructions of the admin team must always be followed. In case of non-compliance, the team reserves the right to take further steps (see §4 Breaking the rules).
  2. We expect socially competent behavior from every player. Insults, racism and sexism will not be tolerated. This applies to all platforms belonging to Arkkovia.
  3. If you have any questions, need support or want to report a rule violation, please contact the admin team via Discord. A ticket can be created via the channel #support.
  4. The loss of animals, structures, items, etc. will not be refunded. This also applies to the loss due to bugs or other technical problems.
  5. The character name, tribe name, and tribe affiliation must be identical on each server. Solo players must also create a tribe. Tribeinternas are not supported by the admin team, but are happy to assist in resolving issues.
  6. Wilful disturbing, stealing and grabbing from other players is prohibited. This includes in particular:
    (1) Dropping eggs (especially Wyvern, Magmarsaurus and Deino eggs) is forbidden.
    (2) Slaughtering and mining more than one Ovis at a time is not allowed (exception: Arkkovia Slaughterhouse).
    (3) All beaver dams and loot drops must always be fully looted.
    (4) Releasing or leaving your own dinos outside Base is forbidden. These will be deleted by the admin team without comment.
  7. Entering bases without permission is not allowed. This includes looting bases and structure remnants whose timers have already expired.exceptions of entering another's base:
    (1) Player spawns in the base.
    (2) Player wants to get Explorer Notes, Airdrops or public-access resources.
  8. Tthe tame and farm process is not to be disturbed.
  9. 6 pairs (12 gachas) maximum may be operated for production per tribe per server at the same time; 18 pairs maximum in the entire cluster per tribe.
  10. At and around spawnbases the ejection of animals for breeding purposes is only allowed for a short time for the duration of the mating/pregnancy, afterwards they have to be collected again. Having animals permanently in and around spawnbases defeats the purpose of a resource-saving spawnbase and is not allowed.
  11. For a bred animal, a maximum number of 20 mutations in total is allowed per stat (=40 stat points). The starting value refers to the tamed game value. This must be kept for proof. The stats of the dinos may additionally be increased by mutagen during breeding. However, replacing the bonus points of the mutagen with additional mutation points is not allowed. (Example: Value after tamen 45 + 5 points mutagen + 20 mutations ( 40 points) = 90 points final value). Click here for more info
  12. Keeping the structures without active playing for a longer period of time ("base resetting") is not allowed and will be deleted by the admin team without comment. Information about exceptions, such as cases of illness or vacation, are explained in our Guide to Arkkovia under the heading "Absence/Archive".
  13. Trade among players is not restricted, even gifting is allowed. Helping new players get started is welcome. However, giving away and selling entire bases, large accumulations of resources, and masses of animals is prohibited.
  14. "Ninja-Looting" is not desired. Players who are first at a drop, OSD, a Lootcrate or similar are to be given priority according to §1 Para. 2.
  15. Both tribes must agree to a war. Disputes during the war will not be supported by the admin team.
  16. Stacking of dinos (Stacking inside each other) is prohibited. Stacked dinos will be removed directly by the admin team without notice.
  17. With the exception of the tek transmitter, all tek structures must be kept closed.
  18. If a Reaper or Rhyniognatha is held in a trap for Taming, it must be killed after 45 minutes at the latest.
  19. Streaming is only allowed for players who have reached the age of 18. We refer again to §1 paragraph 2 of our rules and would like to point out that the Discord and TeamSpeak etiquette is to be followed.
§2 General building rules
  1. Blocking with building elements or dinos of cave loot, artifacts or large accumulations of resources (especially beaver dam spawns) is not allowed. It is forbidden to place sleeping bags in caves where there are cave loot or artifacts.
    Exception: on the Genesis 2 servers metal spots may be cultivated, because there is enough metal in space.
  2. Unnecessary structures (e.g.: taming, farming) are to be removed after use. Individual structures, such as pillars, foundations, workbenches, with less than 5 structures in the network are also recognized as unnecessary structures [these are removed server-technically after 5.5 hours or with the next restart].
  3. If there is a double base due to a move on a server, this is only allowed if you have reported the move in Discord in the channel „#umzug-melden“ in advance.
  4. Oil pumps (exception: A+ oil pumps) and gas collectors must be set so that they are accessible to the public.
  5. Structures must have a distance of at least 60 foundations to buildings of other tribes. Exceptions are possible by request in the support area and should be agreed in advance with the other player / tribe.
  6. Teleporters are to be set to private. Public teleporters will be removed without comment.
  7. It is forbidden to build in mission areas on Genesis 1. All structures built there will be removed without comment.
  8. Built rafts, dinos with platform saddles and superstructure, as well as built hover skiffs will be counted as a spawn base, if they are not placed in, at or on the base. In addition, these may not be used to permanently expand a Base / Spawnbase.
    Exception: Stryder who are not built on by players are not considered a spawn base. It is just a dino.
  9. Building in spawn areas should be avoided if possible. Players who nevertheless build in these areas must ensure that spawning players do not get stuck in structures and can leave the base via a public exit. This exit must be clearly marked.
  10. Building in space and in all tunnels and passages on the Genesis 2 servers is forbidden, as this can block notes and paths for missions or structures built in space will be destroyed by the change of location of the ship.
§3 Building rules for bases
  1. ABD system: some maps are represented several times in the cluster. These are then marked with B or D. A servers have no extra marking. Each tribe must decide for each map on which variant it will build. Building on several servers of the same map is prohibited.
  2. There are three different types of bases: Main bases, spawn huts and water bases.
  3. Main bases
    (1) The number of main bases in the cluster (not per server!) depends on the number of active tribemembers (number of players plus 1; max. 7 main bases in the cluster; max. 1 main base per server).
    (2) The size of the main bases is limited to render range.
    (3) Main bases are only permitted on A, B and D servers.
  4. Spawn huts:
    (1) Spawn huts may only be built on servers where the Tribe does not otherwise have any structures.
    (2) Size is limited to a footprint of 64 vanilla foundations. The height is limited to 6 vanilla single walls. The longest side may be a maximum of 10 vanilla foundations long.
    (3) Tek Shields, Tek Posts , Greenhouses and Bee Hives are prohibited on and in Spawn Huts.
    (4) Tames with off-line protection at or in spawn huts are deleted without warning.
    (4) A substructure to compensate for uneven ground is not added to the height. Cliff and tree platforms may also be used for this purpose. These platforms may not be built over!
  5. Water bases:
    (1) In addition to main bases and spawn huts, each tribe may have a water base in the cluster. This serves the purpose of storing and breeding aquatic animals. Only aquatic animals are allowed. These must be kept below the water surface.
    (2) The size of the water base is limited to 28x28 vanilla foundations. Within the water and below the water surface, a maximum height/depth of 24 vanilla walls must be maintained. Above the water surface, one spawn hut is allowed within the water base. All other structures that extend above the water surface are prohibited.
    (3) If the water base exceeds the maximum size mentioned, it counts as a main base.
    (4) Water bases may be built on the same map as main bases.
    (5) Water bases are only allowed on A, B and D servers.
§4 Breaking the rules
  1. Breaches of the rules will be punished individually depending on their severity.
  2. In the case of violations due to unauthorised duplicate structures on the server, it is the responsibility of the admin to tear them down or to give the player the opportunity to resolve the rule violation on his own.
  3. In the case of repeated warnings or particularly serious violations, the admin team reserves the right to ban individual players or even entire tribes from the cluster for some time or permanently.
  4. Antisocial behavior and serious rule violations on clusters that are members in the Ark Cluster Alliance can also lead to a ban in our system.
  5. The admin team reserves the right not to punish rule violations that have occurred in the longer past.


Deliberately exploiting gaps, whether to point them out or to gain personal advantage from them, is undesirable.
Third-party advertising or linking to third-party content is prohibited on all of our platforms.
If you have any questions, please contact the admin team.
All sizes with structures refer to vanilla structures



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